Electrical and/or Wiring Problems in Campbell, CA

At Autotrend Auto Repair, we have certified mechanics that are great at diagnostics. They can identify the underlying cause(s) for any vehicle electrical and/or wiring problem. Drivers in Campbell, Santa Clara, Cupertino and surrounding communities trust our professional auto mechanics to resolve their challenging issues, in addition to routine maintenance service and more serious auto repair when needed.
Symptoms of possible wiring issues:

  • Engine won't start 
  • Battery problems
  • Headlights other lights not working correctly (dim or flickering)
  • You have fuses that are blowing out
  • Buring smell

Wiring issues can result from electric shorts and opens, damaged control modules, cuts to and broken wiring and a host of other causes. Electrical issues are one of the most difficult to diagnose since everything seems to run off electrical now.

These three electrical components in your vehicle work together to keep your car running. 

  • battery
  • starter
  • alternator

Our auto mechanics have the training, equipment, professional expertise, and experience to properly and fully diagnose and remedy electrical and wiring problems correctly and completely. That’s the science behind these repairs.  But it’s also an art … the savvy that our experience working on vehicles here in the greater Campbell-San Jose-Los Gatos area that comes from using all five senses, not just a scientific tool.
For instance, we can feel a fluid leaking onto an electrical connector or see where rodents may have been chewing on the soy-based coatings that surround vehicle wiring. It’s that knowhow — built on science and art — that our clients appreciate. The feedback they share with us affirm that the solution they are really looking for is for us to: (1) Determine the actual cause(s) underlying the problem, (2) Fix it properly the first time, and (3) Return their vehicle back to them.
Whether your vehicle needs a minor electrical or wiring tweak or more serious auto repair, count on Autotrend Auto Repair to provide you with the outstanding customer service and expert auto repair you expect and deserve. Please call us, schedule an appointment online, or visit us at 2885 S. Winchester Blvd Suite F, Campbell, CA 95008. We’re open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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