Why do so many Americans love to drive and own Asian vehicles?

Americans love to drive Asian vehicles for so many reasons. First of all, many of them aren’t truly Asian since a lot of them are built here in the US. They are dependable, reliable, efficient, and can compete on style depending on the model. There truly is something for everyone in the Asian lineup of automobiles.

Efficiency: They pride themselves on being extremely fuel efficiency. When it comes to hybrid and electric, they lead the way. The Asian market knows how to get the most out of a single charge and they are dedicating themselves to making the hybrids and electric vehicles more stylish. 

Practicality: They are everywhere and that means it’s easier to find parts as well as mechanics who know what to do with those parts. The sheer number of Asian vehicles in the US helps to drive costs down on all fronts. 

Innovation: They are also at the head of the pack when it comes to style, performance, overall efficiency. Asian vehicles tend to be smart, futuristic, and contemporary. Asian automakers continually looking for ways to change the industry. 

Technology: Asia is at the forefront of technology development. This is true for gadgets to phones and most things in between. This lends itself well to making their vehicles perform better on many levels. 

Testing: Every vehicle goes through testing, but the Asians are meticulous when it comes to safety. They prove that by having every single car thoroughly tested before it drives out of the factory. 

Value: Asian vehicles provide and hold great value. They are fun to drive, fuel-efficient, and will cost you less money from the moment you drive off the showroom floor. Competitively priced for purchases as well as for maintenance, their value is hard to beat. 

Performance: Asian cars dominate the rally championship arena in both performance and looks. Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan lead the way when it comes to performance on and off the rally roads. 

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