When Was The Last Time Your Vehicle Had An Inspection?

When Was The Last Time Your Vehicle Had An Inspection?

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We all spend a decent amount of time in our cars, especially this time of year. With back-to-school shopping, those last summer road trips, and our weekly errands, it’s important that your vehicle has been appropriately maintained and is safe to drive. That's where vehicle inspections come in: they’re essential to keeping your car on the road for as long as possible.

In California, drivers need a new inspection every two years. 

So how often should you get an inspection? In California, most drivers must take their vehicle for an inspection every two years. However, there’s a caveat to this. Especially if you’re stacking up miles or have an older vehicle, you may want to check in with an auto mechanic more frequently. If vehicle safety is important to you, you should have your car inspected yearly, no matter how old or how much you drive. 


Your vehicle inspection usually will include observation and testing of various parts of your vehicle. In California, that looks like

  • Checking for leaks or puddles left on the ground from the vehicle.
  • Inspecting hoses.
  • Checking the air compressor, alternator, and water pump.
  • Assessing the oil, coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid levels.
  • Checking the brakes.

…and a few other things, depending on what mechanic you see. Essentially, the state of California just wants to make sure you and your vehicle are safe on the road! 

Vehicle inspections are made easier through routine maintenance. 

If it’s time for your vehicle to get an official vehicle inspection, you should see an auto mechanic. This doesn’t mean you should wait to do routine observation and maintenance, though. You can do a few things in the meantime to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. 

  • Check your oil level. 
  • Check the tire pressure of all tires and fill with air if needed (if you’re unsure how your mechanic can help you!). 
  • Inspect each tire for uneven wear or cuts/abrasions that could lead to a blowout, and replace when necessary (this may be a sign there’s an alignment issue at hand, so you should check in with your auto mechanic after this discovery!). 
  • Wipers should clear water from windshields well enough that no streaks remain after use. Be sure wiper blades are properly attached and free from cracks or other damage that could affect their performance. 

A self-inspection isn’t as intensive as an inspection you’ll get at the auto mechanics, but it can help you stay on top of your vehicle needs. 

Come see us at Autotrend Diagnostic for your vehicle inspection!

It’s essential to ensure your car is ready for the road so you can stay safe while driving. We know it’s easy to forget about a vehicle inspection, but if you don’t keep up with it, your vehicle may have to pay the price. You can avoid costly repairs or even worse with the proper maintenance plan and scheduled inspections. 

Here at Autotrend Auto Repair, we can help service your vehicle inspection and support you through any repairs needed. If you find something amiss during your inspection, we have your back. We strive to provide our clients with a stress-free auto repair experience. Please schedule an appointment for maintenance or service from our expert mechanics. See you soon! Don't forget to Like us on Facebook for news and updates.


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