What's a Home Diagnostic Good For?

Welcome to the April blog! With technology becoming cheaper and cheaper, more people are buying their partners home automobile diagnostic machines for their cars, for birthdays and Christmas presents. It’s a great gift for a car enthusiast who wants to go into a shop with some idea of an existing problem.

But the trouble with a diagnostic device is that it doesn’t really offer the answers. It’s a part of the question, one that helps the mechanic work out where the issue is. But we frequently see people coming from parts stores who want a specific part changed. If that part is replaced and the problem still exists, that’s not the fault of the auto mechanic; that’s a shortcut that took the car owner twice as long and twice the price.

Still, home computer diagnostics are not a bad thing. It’s important that the user understands it doesn’t have the full story on what’s wrong with your car, usually. That’s something that an experienced auto mechanic uses a diagnostic to narrow the scope of his search. You may ask what’s a home diagnostic is good for:

  • It can give you an indication of what your issues are. By pointing you towards a specific system or part, it can give you an idea of the possible costs to replace it.
  • It can relieve your worries about a more costly issue. If you were worried that their might be a problem with your electrical system and the computer diagnostic is indicating a problem with just the Alternator, that’s a massive relief-- but get the problem properly checked out, to be sure,
  • For the most part, a home diagnostic is missing the most important element you need: the experience of decades of car repairs to understand what the real issues are.

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