Top 10 Reasons Brake Repair Is So Important

The auto mechanics at Autotrend Auto Repair understand the importance of you and your family driving though Campbell in a safe vehicle, and your brakes are necessary for the overall health of your car. Auto repair and preventative maintenance, including brake service and repair, will secure the safety and driveability of your vehicle. 

Here are ten reasons why brake repair is so necessary: 

  1. Think about the repercussions of having brakes that aren’t working correctly. Imagine if you are driving, you see a red light, and you step on the brakes to stop -- only to find that your brakes aren’t working. 
  2. There are several components of your brake system that need regular service. Our technicians recognize and understand each part in that system, from even the smallest bolt to your brake pads. 
  3. Brake systems are broken down into two different categories -- drum brakes and disc brakes. Drum brakes are more common on back wheels, and disc brakes have a rotor that is attached to the axle. Both types of brakes have pads or shoes that will press against your brakes and slow your vehicle. Regardless of whether your car has drum brakes or disc brakes, we can help. 
  4. These pads are made out of durable and sturdy material, but they are not invincible. They will wear out and become too thin. Our team can assess the condition of your brakes and decide on the appropriate course of action. 
  5. If your brake pads wear down completely, the calipers in your brake system can grind into your rotors. This means trouble! When you bring your vehicle into our shop for brake repair, we can prevent this from happening. 
  6. A brake fluid check is also an integral component of brake repair. When you step on your brakes, your brake fluid automatically activates your vehicle’s brake pads or shoes. If you don’t have enough fluid, your safety is compromised. 
  7. Depending on the type of environment, certain aspects of your brake system can wear more quickly. In damp environments, water can build up in your brake system, which can lead to corrosion. 
  8. If you are hearing squealing or squeaking, something is most likely amiss with your brakes, and you need service STAT. 
  9. When you are driving down the road, and your vehicle starts pulling to the side, there might be something wrong with your car. 
  10.  Overall, your brakes are synonymous with the safety of you and your family. If you believe something doesn’t seem right with your brakes, bring your vehicle to the team at Autotrend Auto Repair right away. 

Schedule an appointment for service or contact us online for an appointment with the auto mechanics at Autotrend Auto Repair for top-notch service and repair. We will make sure your brakes are functioning in a safe and optimal condition. 


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