Things That Go Bump in Your Car

Photo bySam Jotham Sutharson onUnsplash

It can be pretty spooky to hear an unfamiliar noise when driving alone. Some folks turn up their music and tune out the noise because they know that noise indicates they must now spend money they had earmarked for something else. But that’s the worst thing you can do.

Ignoring a strange noise in your car can cause a small, easily repairable problem in your vehicle to escalate into a system-wide breakdown. It’s best to be on your toes and bring your car to a mechanic when you don’t understand the noise you are hearing. Drivers also overlook noises as just a normal part of any driving experience; however, you have to look out for a couple of them if you want to avoid an expensive visit to the auto repair shop. 

Grinding brake sounds - When a grinding sound comes from your brakes, it usually means that you have worn out your brake pads. What you have to do after you hear the sound is to stop driving immediately. Otherwise, you are risking the lives of everybody around. Only a professional mechanic can fix worn-out brake pads.

Knocking sound coming from the suspension system - If you hear a knocking sound when you are turning corners, it means that there is something wrong with your suspension. If you also happen to get a squeaking sound that follows the knocking, it’s a sign that your steering (or some parts of it) are wearing out. Again, only a professional mechanic can fix it. 

Hissing sound - A hissing sound usually means that your engine is overheating. The reasons for the overheating can be the hot weather or the absence of coolant in the radiator. Turn off the A/C, park your car, and put it on neutral to fix this problem. Next, rev the engine and get out of the vehicle. Then open the hood to release the hot air from the engine and increase the fresh air circulation. Remember that you may have to give the engine a while to cool down before you open the hood.

If you want your vehicle to be in top shape, regular inspections are the way to go. An experienced mechanic can predict what will go wrong before it goes wrong. That’s where we come in! At Autotrend Auto Repair, we’re dedicated to solving any problem or “pain” your vehicle is or might be experiencing! If you are ready, let’s talk! Please schedule an appointment for service, or contact us online for a stress-free auto repair experience. See you soon!


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