The Art of the Staycation

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It’s July, and we’re in our first summer where we can meet in public since COVID-19 hit the U.S. last March. It’s going to be a hectic summer for travel. Our customers are already preparing to take vacations by coming in for check-ups and fluid checks, and we’re gently preparing for more accident-related repairs to arrive in late summer.

Perhaps we haven’t all got the same idea to travel right now, though. Some may not have planned for an escape due to uncertainty or a lack of stability in the available travel options. New variants of COVID-19 have made some folks a bit timid to travel. Or maybe we’re keen to escape but can’t get relatives to agree to a family reunion right now for their own reasons.

So if you can’t or won’t leave for vacation this year, perhaps you can at least make the staycation you have this year a good, memorable one! We thought we’d offer up some ideas for mastering a staycation.

The key to having a great staycation is understanding why you and your family members want to go on a vacation. People take holiday trips for different reasons: 

  • To reconnect with their extended family. This can include working on the relationships within the nuclear family or the extended family and in-laws.

  • To have a health break. The hustle and bustle of 9-5 living affects parents and kids alike. It often requires us to take shortcuts on dietary needs or put up with environmental factors (smoke, smog, cold, heat) that can have long-standing detrimental influence. A vacation allows us to get back on track, to rest, and begin the struggles recharged.

  • To offer their family an adventure. This can mean culture, nature, and rare moments or activities that we would miss in real life. 

  • To escape from distractions, burdens, and responsibilities. We go on vacation to leave behind those things at home that require us to focus our attention on putting out fires instead of concentrating on each other.

Once you know what you and your family need your vacation for, you can get really creative about events that won’t just be a good compromise from taking a sugar-rush theme park run but will have a lasting impact on our hearts. 

Here are some ideas of Staycations that are master-level planning:

Backyard Camping: if you and your kids have been longing to get out of the house and live under the stars, but you need to stay home, there’s always the option of setting up tents near to home and cooking out on an open fire for a few nights together.

Family Reunion Olympics: setting up several activities with your extended family, you can plan special outdoor events and film and share these with each other. Try to get everyone to think of one thing they can do well to offer up as an event, and then place all of the events together as optional competitions with rules. Video games, Card games, board games, track and field events-- there’s a world of things we can do in a non-competitive contest with our closest friends and family., 

Epic Barbeque: either through catering or special planning, an epic barbeque with fireworks and glow sticks is a memory your kids will carry for years. Allow them to be a part of the planning and execution, and it will be something that stays with them all their lives.

Virtual Reunion: Planning out a Zoom party for your extended relatives will give everyone a chance to reconnect, laugh, and reminisce safely.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for a Staycation. Has it been a while since we saw you last for a check-up? At Autotrend Auto Repair, we’ve got Diagnostics in our name. We’re big on testing and resolving the mysteries of your vehicle. For excellent auto repair and preventive maintenance service, schedule an appointment online. You’ll be glad you did! Please schedule an appointment for service, or contact us online for a stress-free auto repair experience. See you soon!


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