The Art of Packing Your Trunk

Do you ever wonder what should go in your trunk? Here are three different kits that could help you be prepared for anything that could happen on your daily travels.  


Emergency Supplies. We’d probably pack the emergency supplies in one kit. Inside that kit, you’ll probably want the following: a first aid kit, a small fire extinguisher, road flares, a flashlight and extra batteries, paper towels, and rags. Make sure to check the flashlight and swap out the batteries if they’ve gone dead. We recommend checking your emergency kit once a year.


Personal Supplies. Inside the personal supply kit, we’d pack the following: water, some energy bars, a wool blanket and a space blanket, matches, candles, a hat, some extra shoes and socks, a waterproof poncho, and a solar or hand-crank radio. You may also want an extra charging cord and power pack for your phone. Also a deck of cards or a small board game.


Tool Kit. Inside your tool kit, you’ll need an assortment of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, a lightweight plastic gas can, a Leatherman, a tire gauge, jumper cables, some WD-40, and some zip-lock bags.


Of course, the best preparation of all is to ensure that your car is properly maintained before your car ever leaves your driveway. Let us check out your car for you so you can feel safe when you travel. Before, during, or after you pack your trunk, schedule an appointment for service, contact us online or call 408-412-5653.


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