Summer Heat Can Affect Your Car

Just like your body, your car is sensitive to changes in temperature. Extreme heat can cause a few problems with your car that you might want to be aware of.


Tires Are Sensitive to Heat


Tires are sensitive to the heat and can become dry and brittle. Around Campbell and the South Bay, temperatures in August can be very hot and dry--into the upper 80s and 90s with very low humidity. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated because under-inflated tires can cause your tires to become even hotter and can cause tires to fail. Also, be sure to check the spare, just in case. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road with no spare. It’s not just embarrassing--it can ruin your entire trip.


Check the Coolant in Your Radiator

The coolant in your radiator should be flushed and refilled periodically. If you’ve been bringing in your car for regular maintenance that shouldn’t be a problem. If the coolant is low, you can either add some yourself, or we can do it for you. Be very, very cautious if you open the cap on the radiator. Pressure can build up and you can get burned. It’s also a good idea to check all the hoses and make sure there are no leaks.


Check Your Battery

Hot weather can be brutal for your vehicle’s battery. The terminals on batteries should be free of any corrosion, the battery’s connections should be secure, and the battery should be properly mounted so it doesn’t move around while you’re driving. Wet cell batteries should have the fluid levels properly topped off.


Top off Engine Fluids

All of the fluids in the engine should be topped off before you head out on any trip in hot weather. That includes the oil, transmission fluid, and any other fluids you may have in your engine.


Air Conditioning

Make sure to check that your A/C is working properly. The Bay Area has a lot of microclimates and some places are even hotter than Campbell. If you’re heading out of the Bay Area and towards the Central Valley, for instance, you definitely want to have A/C. And if you’re traveling with kids and the family dog, it’s even more important. Can you imagine being stuck in the Central Valley with no A/C and a bunch of kids and dogs? That’s a recipe for disaster!


Before you take that warm weather trip, make sure you visit us so your vehicle is safe while driving in the heat can. Having an overheated car is absolutely no fun. Let us help you make your trip the best it can be. For a wonderful trip, schedule an appointment for service, contact us online.


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