Romantic Getaways during the Pandemic

It’s Valentine’s Day in the midst of a pandemic! Health concerns will make it difficult to plan out romantic adventures with our sweethearts. It's impossible to predict, over a month away, what the climate for going outside will be. With a new, more contagious variant of Coronavirus on the loose, it is difficult to make any kind of plans right now. 

It's also true that we need getaways. Our love relationships need cultivation and stimulation, or they become stagnant. We must do something to shake up norms and get the bonding experiences that keep us together.

With the Downtown Campbell Farmers' Market closed due to COVID19 concerns, there's a little less to do in Campbell at the moment. While we'd all like to book a table at Elements Massage for an exciting spa day, the best we can do now is to purchase a gift certificate to help them get through the pandemic, too.

There are, however, places where you can step out of your comfort zone and get a little variety back in your life. With a pandemic on, no one wants to risk a long trip to an unknown place, so we tend to shelter in our homes until monotony sets in, and we begin to lose sight of just how hard we're all trying to keep ourselves together and stay healthy. 

But you can still visit a safe, clean space nearby and get out of your own life for a bit. Consider staying somewhere like the Campbell Inn for a few nights away from the chores and household duties to get you and your spouse perked up about reclaiming your own space with a little elbow grease when you get home.

Consider outdoor spaces, too, where you can give other couples distance while sharing in the beauty around you. For more than a small sampling of roses this year, you can visit the San Jose Municipal Rose Gardens.

It's still not safe to go into movie theaters with large potential crowds, but that doesn't rule out drive-in theaters. From the safety of your car, or with lawn chairs, a picnic basket, and blankets, the West Wind Capitol Drive-In is showing films in the great outdoors. Weather permitting, a great date experience!

We hope your Valentine's Day will have all the tenderness and love you desire, give you a much-needed break from the past few months' events, and help to strengthen your bonds with the ones you love.


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