Reflections and Planning For The Next Year As A Driver

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Reflections and Planning For The Next Year As A Driver

A lot of us have similar New Year's Resolutions. We may be trying to cut back on sugar or find more time to walk outside. These are terrific goals sure to bring us better health and happiness in 2023….but have you thought about some goals for your vehicle? 


It may not be as glamorous or exciting as your health or financial goals, but they all go hand in hand. Being safe in your vehicle is a health and safety issue, and your financial goals need your car to keep running how it should. Below, I list five possible New Years' Goals you can add to your list to support your car's health!

Maintaining your vehicle more frequently.

New Year's resolutions are about setting and improving your life goals. And if you're a driver, there's one thing that can make a huge difference in your life: preventative maintenance.


Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle running in good condition and avoid expensive repairs down the line. It's important because it saves you money—and who doesn't want to save money? But that's not its only benefit! Preventative maintenance helps keep you safe on the road by ensuring your vehicle runs safely.


So how do you do it? You can check out our blog for tons of tips and tricks on preventative maintenance. In general, you should keep an eye on your:

  • Tire tread
  • Oil levels
  • Brake quality


Keep an eye out for weird noises, smells, or feelings inside the car. Getting a Diagnostic Vehicle Inspection (DVI) like we do here at Autotrend never hurts. 

Saving up for a brand-new vehicle. 

If you're trying to save up for a new car, it can seem like an insurmountable task. But if you break down your goals into smaller, more achievable milestones, you'll be able to take that first step toward your dream car. 


When is it time to switch from maintenance mode to saving-for-a-new-car mode? Our experts at Autotrend can help you determine when it’s the right time to start thinking about a new vehicle. If you’re spending more on repairs than your car is worth, it may be time to consider a new car. 

Being a safer driver.

Being a safe driver is something that can be learned and practiced. When you are behind the wheel, it's essential always to be aware of your surroundings and drive safely:


  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Be aware of the weather
  • Be aware of other drivers
  • Be aware of your vehicle's condition
  • Be aware of the road conditions


If you have trouble staying focused on the road, look into meditation apps like Headspace or Calm that can help train you to stay calm and focused outside the car. You may be surprised how this transfers to be in your vehicle. 

Overcoming driving anxiety. 

It's normal for people to feel nervous when they're about to drive, especially if it's their first time on the road or if they've had bad experiences in the past. But driving anxiety is different from a simple case of nerves—it can be debilitating and make it difficult for people to get behind the wheel without feeling anxious or fearful.


If you are experiencing these symptoms, it may be time to take steps toward overcoming your driving anxiety. It is possible!

Calming your road rage. 

One of the best things you can do for drivers is trying to get over your road rage habits. It's easy to let anger get the best of you when driving—especially if you're stuck in traffic or dealing with other drivers who don't seem to understand how to merge or pull over correctly. But being angry while driving is never good for anyone. In fact, it can be hazardous: Road rage has been linked to aggressive driving and even fatal crashes!


So instead of letting anger take over when you're behind the wheel, try setting some goals for yourself this year. Maybe one day, you'll try not honking at people who cut you off or tailgate; maybe another day, you'll try not using any curse words while talking on your phone while driving. You might even want to set a goal of giving someone a thumbs-up instead of flipping them off when they cut YOU off!

Start your maintenance resolutions early, visit us at Autotrend! 

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