Preparing Your Car For Another Season of Ash and Smoke

white smoke coming from a gray clouds

Photo byMalachi Brooks onUnsplash


This year has been tumultuous for our state. Wildfires are reaching record size (with the Dixie Fire being the largest in California’s history). More and more areas require evacuation. 


Hopefully, the fires will never trouble Campbell, but in case they do, it’s essential to have a plan of action together. In this article, we’ll go over what you need to do to prevent a disaster from happening to you, your car, and your loved ones during the wildfires season.


Here’s a checklist of things you should do BEFORE evacuating:


Remove everything flammable around your windows and the potentially flammable furniture.


Shut off the air conditioning. 


Ensure that you are at least familiar with your residence’s evacuation plan and the best routes to take in case of an emergency. 


Shut all windows and doors, leaving them unlocked.


Shut off gas at the meter.


Also, make sure that you are familiar with your zone’s wildfire situation. The chances are that if there were an emergency, there would probably be an evacuation notice across the EBS. Just in case, refer to this map:


While you are in the car:


Make sure that you have your emergency kit. If you happen to get trapped, stay calm and park your vehicle in an area clear of vegetation. Close all the windows and vents.

Don’t get out of your car; just lie on the vehicle floor and cover yourself with a blanket or a jacket.

If your cell phone is near you, call 911 and be patient. The officials are doing everything in their power to help you. 

If you don’t get trapped, rely on your GPS map and have a safe destination planned as far away as possible from the risky area.


Although humans will never fully control the power of nature, we can live in accordance with it and thrive. Wildfires are deadly, unpredictable, and rapid, but with the right plan and set of thinking, you’ll be just fine.

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