Preparing For a Hot Summer

Photo by Nesha Torres on Unsplash


Welcome to our May blog! Spring is now sprung and is fully in session. With hot days coming to scorch our sitting cars, we’ve got to start preparing for another summertime soon.


Campbell is a great place to live, and to drive a car, too. The summer heat is livable in Campbell, and it’s not a bad spot to own a convertible. When the heat is at its worst, you can put on a fan or turn on the air conditioning and get right back to comfort. 

But consider your poor vehicle. It waits for you everywhere you go in the summer heat with little respite when you take it on errands. For you, getting into a hot car is awful, but imagine how it is for the vehicle itself with intense heat absorbed into every inch of it that isn’t covered.

All our cars need is a little bit of extra consideration this summer to serve us wonderfully. Here are some things we can stock up on to beat summer’s heat and protect your car:

  • Park in the shade. Find a way to park so that shade will cover your car during your trips out. You can crack your window and let some breeze in; if you strategically plan to park somewhere, you can get shade for your car while you shop or run your errands.

  • Baby your interior. When you can’t find shade, your dashboard and your seat will spend time soaking in the sun. Just like it can damage your skin, it can also damage your interior. Treat your interior to wipe downs that help protect it, and consider purchasing a sunscreen for your car’s front window.

  • Top up on cool. Get your fluids checked and topped up, especially your coolant, but also make sure your oil is where it needs to be. As the days get hotter, you want your engine to be well lubricated. 

  • Get your A/C checked. Remember that your air conditioner helps your engine deal with heat, too. When it doesn’t help you, it doesn’t help your engine, either.

If you have any doubts about your air conditioning as we move into the summer ahead, take care of it before the rush! Please schedule an appointment for service, or contact us online for a stress-free auto repair experience. You’ll be glad you did!


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