Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Although most people would agree that California doesn’t have four seasons, we have two: rainy and non-rainy. November is the beginning of the rainy season here in California when people seem to forget how to drive suddenly. That might sound like a joke to you, but usually, we haven’t seen rain for so long that we forget how slick the roads are, and how much we need to slow down in the rain. 

When to Check Your Wiper Blades

We don’t know what your wiper blades look like, but we see lots of torn and damaged blades. If you run your wipers without water on the windshield, they not only squeak, but the blades can be damaged. The absolute worst time to check your wiper blades is when you’re picking up your kids from school, and there’s a downpour. The best time to check your wiper blades, of course, is right now. 

Check the Fluids

If you’re staying in the Bay Area, you may not need to swap out your fluids. But if you plan to go skiing at Tahoe, or drive to Southern California to visit relatives, you’ll be experiencing different temperatures. So your vehicle might need different oil, for example, depending upon where you’re driving. You may also need antifreeze.

Tires and Chains

It’s extra important that you have good tires for driving in the rain. They should be properly inflated, so you get the best mileage and wear out of them. Speaking of Tahoe, do you have a set of chains if you plan to go snowboarding? You might want to practice putting them on before you get to the big sign that says “Chains Required” up on I-80. Yikes! If you have to buy them while you’re en route, expect to pay a fortune. Usually, someone will put them on for you, but not always, so it’s best to practice putting them on before you go. 

How’s Your Emergency Kit?

In the unlikely event that you get stranded somewhere, there are a few things that you should carry in your emergency kit in the winter. Water is critical, of course. So are blankets. You can get a basic emergency kit for your vehicle that includes flashlights, batteries, duct tape, screwdrivers, booster cables, flares, and first aid supplies. Don’t forget energy bars and some playing cards!

We’d love to help get your vehicle ready for winter! From wipers to tires to fluids, we can winterize your vehicle. If you don’t already have an appointment, schedule an appointment for service, contact us online.


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