New Year’s Resolutions: How To Be A Better Driver

Photo by Caique Silva Fotografo on Pixabay


At Autotrend, we know how easy it is to take driving for granted, to think of ourselves as invincible and impervious. But other drivers do this, too. To survive them, you need to be aware of their major sins. 


These 9 New Year’s Driver Resolutions are about helping you be more aware and protected from bad driving on the road.


  • Focus on the drive - Sort out your distractions before you start your journey. Never drive sleepy, never drive after drinking, or under the influence of drugs (illegal and prescribed). Adjust your mirrors properly Before you take the car out of Park. Pull the vehicle over for an emotional conversation.

  • Practice Defensive Driving - every time you get behind the wheel, be aware that someone else may be even more reckless than you are. 

  • Don’t tailgate - Leave a bigger gap

  • Obey traffic laws - Follow the speed limit. Use appropriate speed on the highway and come to a full stop at stop signs. Do not switch lanes within 45 yards of an intersection.

  • Share the road - Match your speed to the traffic around you, and get to the right-hand lane if you others wish to go faster.

  • Be courteous - do not let bad driving or selfishness in other drivers affect your driving. Be kind to the mistakes of others.

  • Be present - Hold the steering wheel properly, and wear proper shoes on your feet.

  • Signal - Don’t weave between lanes.


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