Looking Within For The Helpers

Photo byBrett Jordan onUnsplash


Although Mister Rogers passed away 18 years ago, the legacy of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood will probably echo through the ages, even after our families and we are gone. 


One of Fred Rogers’ most iconic lines was about how when there’s chaos lurking around, we shouldn’t focus on complaining and despair but rather “look for the helpers.” We believe this wisdom not only applies to children but also to fully grown adults. And it’s even more critical now, with numerous crises all around us.  


That is also why we think Mister Rogers was such a popular figure during his time. His show was one of the first to touch on the complex parts of children’s lives, like bullying, sibling rivalry, school, and divorced parents. He truly cared about children’s well-being in an era where “suck it up!” was the solution to every problem. 


The legacy we leave to this world might not be as glorious as that of Fred Rogers, but we can all be helpers in one shape or another. We have picked the auto repair industry as our helper zone, but it can be absolutely anything. 




Construction: You want to help your neighbor with his house renovations by carrying the resources. 


Books: You donate a few books to a library or a charity. Or you give them to an orphanage where they can be put to good use and feed the kids’ curiosity. 


Environmental Work: You decide to volunteer and help an organization clean the local district.


The possibilities are limitless, and everyone can participate. Your two hands are more than enough to make a change in someone’s life. The positive impact is not the result of massive resource allocation but massive kindness allocation. Wherever you are, whether it is a big city, a small town, a rural area, or even the beautiful American wilderness, you can always give back and do more for others. 


However, keep in mind that kindness can’t be forced. If you deep down want to be kind to get something in return, you will miss the whole point of being a helper. Helping is about doing good for society, expecting nothing in return, but giving everything you have.

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