How To Show Gratitude For Your Vehicles

Did you know that this Thanksgiving marks the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving? The first one actually happened on November 9th, 1620, on board the Mayflower. After 65 days in rough seas, the pilgrims finally made it to the shores of North America, just off Cape Cod. They read out Psalm 100 in unison to thank God for their safe arrival.

This year, as we gather with our families where we can for Thanksgiving, there will likely be some hard feelings over differences of opinion on politics and science. It’s important that we talk to each other with a willingness to understand our differences as much as stake the claim to our own beliefs. We hope your family forgives their differences and is thankful to be alive and in each other’s company in a year of pandemic. 

At Autotrend Auto Repair, we’re thankful for your patronage this past year. The continued support of the Campbell community kept us alive and our jobs intact. We hope you will be thankful for the common element that brought us together this year: your car. 

You can do very small things for your car, and very big things for your car… but in all of our plans, the endgame is to save you money in the long run. Here are our top 4 suggestions for showing gratitude to your vehicles:

  • Clean them. This seems naively simple, but there’s science behind it. Cleaning the outside clears it of dirt and grit that can wind up clogging your systems, and cleaning the inside of your car helps keep you healthy. Also, when your car looks good, you do more to protect it.
  • Consolidate your trips out. Less driving means less wear and tear on your car, and less chance of getting into a random accident along the way.
  • Stop letting yourself get angry in your cars. Road rage and anger of being cheated, cut off, or taken advantage of in traffic only makes you a worse driver. Let your car be your sacred place, instead of a volatile, reactive place.
  • Flush out your systems. Take advantage of our preventative maintenance program to protect your car and extend its life.

To learn more about the many ways you can show gratitude to your car, give the team at Autotrend Auto Repair a call today! For the best auto repair and preventive maintenance service, schedule an appointment online or give Autotrend Auto Repair a call. You'll be glad you did! Schedule an appointment for service, or contact us online for a stress-free auto repair experience. See you soon!


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