How to Protect Your Car if You Have No Garage

All right, it’s time to confess. How many of you have no garage where you live and wish you had one? Alternatively, how many of you park your car outside in the driveway or street because your garage is too full?

Whether you live in an apartment or condo complex with no garage parking, or if your home’s garage is too packed with stuff to house your vehicle, we understand your dilemma. How do you protect your car if you have no garage?

For those of us who have to park their cars outside, and that’s a lot of us, here are some ideas on how to protect your vehicle from the elements if you have no garage.

Car covers. Purchasing a good car cover will help protect your vehicle, keep it dry, and reduce dust deposits. There are several high-quality car covers you can buy online that are made specifically for your car model.

Extra wax coating or paint protection. If you want to protect your paint from chips, dings, whorls, and scratches, you may consider waxing it more frequently. Alternatively, try investing in paint coating products like Opti-Coat or CQuartz. The idea is to protect your paint with a thin layer of wax or coating, so you reduce the risk of paint damage or rust, plus help to keep the paint color from fading.

Rent a garage space. If you own a classic car or some other vehicle -- like a camper -- that you don’t drive on a daily basis, you may consider renting garage space. In Campbell and the South Bay, there are a few self-storage places that will rent garage space to you for a monthly fee. If you own a luxury or classic vehicle that is worth extra protection, you may consider renting space at Auto Vino in Menlo Park, where you can view some expensive cars while sipping wine.

Erect a car tent. With the high cost of living space here in Silicon Valley, a lot of renters and homeowners alike are erecting car tents on their driveways to create protected space for their cars. We often see this in the older neighborhoods where the houses don’t necessarily come with a garage. Several car tents are sturdy, easy to set up, and don’t cost much money. However, these car tents will eventually wear out, and your neighbors might complain if your car tent becomes unsightly.

Install an awning. If you own your home or are on very good terms with your landlord, you may think about installing a fixed or retractable awning that shelters a large enough space over your driveway. You can order a custom, retractable or fixed awning from a local manufacturer in the Bay Area, or purchase a ready-to-install sunshade online or from a local hardware store. However, once you have a canopy, remember that you’ll need to maintain it and clean it. Awnings can be rather stylish, if you have them custom-built, and they can boost the value of your home, too.

Regardless of how you protect the exterior of your car from the elements, it would help if you always made sure the internal workings of your vehicle are protected as well. We’d love to help you protect your car on the inside so it can take you where you need to go each day! From wipers and tires to fluids and filters, we can help protect the investment you have made in your vehicle. If you don’t already have an appointment, schedule an appointment or give us a call. We’re always happy to serve you at Autotrend Auto Repair in Campbell.


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