How Can You Be Of Service To Your Car This Year?

Photo bywhy kei onUnsplash


The new year just began, and if you have a car, you might be wondering to yourself, "How will I make my car last a whole other year?" Luckily, your vehicle is much like a home. It is an asset that, with proper care, can last you for years and years. 


You wouldn't want a house that's falling apart, so why would you want your car to have similar issues? Here are five of the best ways to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for the rest of the year! 


  1. Avoid eating inside. What happens when you don't regularly pick up spills or accidents in your home? You can start getting bugs or even rodents, and no one wants that. Similarly, your car requires you to immediately pick up spills or accidents because you don't know if it can lead to permanent stains and unwanted odors. We recommend vacuuming the mats, removing any trash or food, and giving your car regular interior wipe-downs.

  2. Wash and wax regularly. We all know cleaning a house is satisfying, but cleaning a car can be equally gratifying. We recommend you use specialized car soap and NEVER use dish detergent as it can remove car wax. Waxing twice a year to remove blemishes is generally recommended.

  3. Pick a good place to park. It might seem obvious, but finding the right place to park is essential when it comes to caring for your car. Finding the right spot can mean the difference from sunburnt, oxidized paint to spotting a new dent or scratch.

  4. Fix any scratches or dents as fast as possible. When your car gets scratches or dents, the damage can increase the risk of rust due to the harsh environments of the outside world. These tiny imperfections can also lead to lost value for your vehicle.

  5. Preventative maintenance. Keeping track of when your car needs maintenance not only makes you a responsible person but will also keep your vehicle running much longer than those who wait until they run into issues. We recommend keeping all your car records in a file to prove how frequently you cared for your vehicle.


At Autotrend Auto Repair in Campbell, CA, we know that taking care of your car is extremely rewarding. We know you have what it takes to keep your vehicle in top shape, but we are here for you when you need the best auto repair and preventative maintenance service. We strive to provide our clients with a stress-free auto repair experience. Please schedule an appointment for maintenance service, or contact us. See you soon! Don't forget to Like us on Facebook for news and updates.


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