Honoring The Fallen For America’s Independence

Honoring The Fallen For America’s Independence

Photo by Cara Grobbelaar on Unsplash

This Monday, we as a nation come together to celebrate Independence Day. In Campbell and beyond, there are dozens of events to celebrate America's fallen heroes and express our gratitude to those who have served or are currently serving. Here at Autotrend Auto Repair, we intend to spend some of this week honoring the fallen in gratitude for America’s Independence.

Creative Ways to Honor the Fallen This Fourth of July 

While most want to honor the holiday in some way or another, it can be challenging to come up with ideas beyond lighting fireworks and BBQ-ing. These are both great activities for a holiday, but here are some other creative ways to honor the fallen this week:

  1. Donate to an organization you care about. There are dozens of organizations that send direct aid or support to veterans. These organizations may help make health care for veterans more accessible, support their mental health, or even help the families of active military members. Pick one that you identify with and see how you can donate. Most places accept cash or credit donations, but many would love you to donate some of your time or skills!
  2. Reach out to someone and express your gratitude. If you have a family member or friend who is active in the military or a veteran, you can take some time out of your week to give them a call and express your gratitude. A good check-in goes a long way.
  3. Check-in on the military families you know (especially if one or more caregivers is overseas). Speaking of check-ins, military families often can use a good check-in now and then. Having one parent take on the role of caregiver while the spouse is away may require a little extra support now and then, and now is a great time to offer it. Offer grocery shopping, a meal train, or babysitting time if possible. 
  4. Attend an event celebrating America’s Independence. Our area has numerous parades, firework shows, and all-day festivals. There are quite a few events here in Campbell that you can consider attending with your loved ones, but widening your scope might give you more options. 
  5. Get your children involved by doing Fourth-of-July-themed crafts. Pinterest has tons of ideas for Independence day themed art, no matter what the age of your kids is. These Windsocks by iHeartCraftyThings are a classic you might remember from elementary school, and they actually look great outdoors. Frame your children's work or display it in your window or yard-sign style for the festivities. You can even have them deliver some of their homemade goodies to local retired veterans at any retirement homes in your area. Usually, a call ahead is appreciated for a visit like this and depending on their policies, you may need to show proof of vaccination. 

If You Plan On Traveling, Come See Us 

Wherever you decide to go to honor the fallen on Independence day, come on to Autotrend Auto Repair in Campbell before heading out. Here at Autotrend Auto Repair, we would love to double-check your car before you head out on any trips. We strive to provide our clients with a stress-free auto repair experience. Please schedule an appointment for maintenance or service from our expert mechanics. See you soon! Don't forget to Like us on Facebook for news and updates.


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