Halloween Costumes Idea Car Lovers

There are so many great ideas for Halloween costumes for car lovers out there. The kids love to dress up as their favorite cars, but so do the adults. Here are a few of our favorites! 


Have you seen these costumes? They’re fabulous! It’s amazing what people can do with cardboard and duct tape, isn’t it? If you haven’t seen them, go to YouTube and search for Transformer costumes--it’s the video with 26 million views.

Dress up as a Car Seat

Now, this costume requires more planning. People dress up as car seats and then make videos of themselves ordering fast food. Did you know that Ford even did a study on how people would react to a car with no driver (in other words, someone dressed as a car seat to make it look as though there was no one in the car)?

Make a Generic Car

We’re all in favor of kids making their cars using cardboard boxes, paper plates, and paint. Of course, the car doesn’t have to be generic; but an everyday boxcar is pretty easy to make. Let the adults do any cutting of cardboard boxes, though. Protect those little fingers from cuts!

Halloween Costumes for Cars

If you’d also like to dress up your car, you should take a look at Halloween Costumes for cars on YouTube. These guys only have around 20 views, but there are some good ideas on there. An easy one is to cover your car with spider webs. We don’t think we’re giving anything away when we say that you can do a lot with aluminum foil and rubber snakes. 

After you or your kids dress up as cars for Halloween, bring in your photos and show us at your next appointment! We love Halloween costumes. And if you don’t have an appointment yet, schedule an appointment for service, contact us online.


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