Great Family-Safe Traveling Music for Your Summer Vacation

Photo by Karan Shiwalkar on Unsplash


Welcome to our June blog at Autotrend Auto Repair! Looks like summer is here at last, and that means summer trips with the family.


When you were younger, you probably learned the hard way about the importance of who controls the radio on a long trip. If it isn’t you, that means suffering through hours of someone else’s idea of a good time. And that can sure drag out an already-long car trip. Road trips can be a hard place to keep the entire family happy.


Now that you have a family, you have to consider what kind of music they like to enjoy songs with you. You can always just put each kid on a music player of their own, but then you miss the karaoke-like fun of group singalongs. And the Santa Clara County Library has a vast number of CDs that can be requested and checked out to build a great playlist! Here are some ideas for finding music safe for the whole family:

Disney soundtracks - squeaky clean Disney can go a long way. Disney has some soundtracks that kids know all the words to, with artists that their parents remember well (looking at Phil Collins and Tarzan) 

Showtunes - some of the more prominent musicals of the last 20 years, such as Hamilton, can be crowd-pleasing. 

Glee - the singing show has five seasons of soundtracks covering modern and classic tunes, providing a mix for everyone, and remains a sentimental favorite in many homes.

Party music - Smart bands with no sharp edges. They Might Be Giants, the B52’s, Will Smith, Macklemore, and Steam Powered Giraffe offers some fun without much of a mean streak to be found.

Good luck with creating your own family playlist! Don’t forget to get your vehicle checked out before heading out on trips this summer. Please schedule an appointment for service, or contact us online for a stress-free auto repair experience. You’ll be glad you did!


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