Get Your Trunk Organized

It’s January, and most people have some version of “Get Organized!” on their list of resolutions for the new year if that sounds like you, how about starting someplace manageable, like your trunk, before moving on to organizing your entire garage. After all, that project could take years for some people!

First Steps

Make sure you have enough time before taking you everything take everything out of your trunk. Unless your trunk is in terrible disarray and hasn’t been cleaned out in years, an hour or two should do the trick. Now decide where you’ll put all the stuff you’ll take out. You’ll also need a folding table or two, a garbage can or bag, paper towels, spray cleaner, and vacuum cleaner.

Remove Everything

If you have a folding table or two, that could help with this part of the chore. Take everything out of your trunk so you can see what’s in there. You could also put everything on an old blanket or newspapers. Spread it out so you can see it all. 

Toss What You Don’t Need

You can quickly toss anything that’s garbage. Candy wrappers used tissues, and broken pieces of junk can go right away. It’s good to have a sense of momentum when you’re doing a chore like this. Don’t keep a lot of stuff “just in case.” If something is broken, get rid of it. 

Give Everything a Quick Swipe and Vacuum

Have paper towels and some spray cleaner handy. Now give that extra quart of oil and your emergency car kit a wipedown. Vacuum the inside of your trunk. Get rid of all that pet hair. Use that crevice tool for those edges. You might want to use a Shop-Vac if there’s a lot of debris. 

Find the Right Containers

Decide what you want to keep and containerize it. This just means putting everything somewhere so it won’t roll around. There are plenty of options in most automotive places. You can also go online to find the perfect containers. There’s the Container Store in San Jose for lots of choices, but many hardware stores also carry containers.

Put it All Back

That’s pretty much all you need to do! Of course, if you’ve ordered something online, you’ll need to wait for it to arrive, so you probably won’t finish the same day. Even if you haven’t thrown anything away, it’s great to know what’s in your trunk. When you need it, you’ll know exactly what’s in there and where to find it! 

When Was Your Last Service?

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