Get Your Car Ready for Tailgating Parties

With football already back, spending time with your family and tailgating with your friends is an important part of the season! Tailgating is very fun to do but there are a few things you can do to make your car an even better place to play. The auto repair team at Autotrend Auto Repair wants to ensure that you are having as much fun as possible and are truly enjoying your vehicle whether you’re tailgating or simply driving down the roads of Campbell. Here are some useful tips for making your tailgating experience great: 

  • Get your fluids checked! We want to make sure that your vehicle is running right and that you can easily make it to the stadium and back. Autotrend Auto Repair will make sure you are good on your oil, brake fluid, and power steering fluid so that you can have a good time with no problems.
  • Check the weather. When you plan for the weather that is on its way, you can ensure you have the right tools. For example, if rain is in the forecast packing a pop-up tent can help keep everyone dry.
  • A good cooler can cost quite a bit but it is definitely worth the money. Not only ensuring that your food stays cooler for longer they also tend to be more sturdy and can double as an extra seat. Bring it along for road trips or any other fun outdoor activities you plan.
  • Get out that funky smell! A bad smell in your car can definitely put a downer on the fun! Clean it out and wash it down inside and out. After you’ve done that, add in an air freshener as the final touch. Here are some tips to get your car smelling fresh.
  • Packing extra containers and bags. Extra plastic containers or bags can help make the cleanup easier after the fun. Being able to put your grilling utensils in a plastic bag will help keep your car clean too!
  • Make sure you fill up on gas before heading to the game. Leaving the stadium once the game is over can mean long lines and a while waiting in your vehicle. Filling up on gas before you get to the stadium allows you to be prepared.

The team at Autotrend Auto Repair wants to make sure you can have without it being ruined by a breakdown on the side of the road on your way to the game or not being able to start your car when you’re trying to go home. We’ll make sure you’re able to have your fun and have peace of mind too. Schedule an appointment for service or contact us online for an appointment with the auto mechanics at Autotrend Auto Repair for top-notch service and repair. 


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