Driving on Thanksgiving? What You Need to Know

Have you been thinking of your upcoming road trip to grandma's house for her delicious pumpkin pie - oh ya, and a tasty Thanksgiving dinner? Family road trip adventures abound!
Here is a guide on how to maximize fun during a holiday road trip.
Gathering to plan your road trip is a great way to make sure everyone is looking forward to this driving adventure you are about to embark upon. Call a meeting, pull out the map, a paper map or atlas is best, and gather around the table with snacks and hot drinks in hand. Talking trip details helps everyone feel empowered and on board for this adventure together.
Realistic driving schedule
When planning your trip, decide how many hours everyone is able to travel in the car. Some families can drive comfortably for 5-6 hours a day, some are able to really muscle it and make it 8-10. If you are looking to make the journey a big positive part of the holiday experience, it might be best to choose your mid-stop destination town with a highlight. It could be a waterfall, a short hike, or a mall or museum. 
Snacks Snacks Snacks
This is a very important part of your travel. Be sure to bring along enough snacks to keep everyone content on the drive. A great trick is to bring along paper cups to fill and pass snacks such as chips or cheese & crackers around the car. This trick really helps to contain potential messes and helps in passing goodies from hand to hand.
Pack light
One way to keep smiles on your passenger’s faces for longer is to maximize legroom in the car. Planning ahead to ensure that all luggage is tucked away. Ideally, in the trunk, on a roof rack or even a cargo rack will make a huge difference. By avoiding baggage underfoot and in seating areas, everyone will have a little more wiggle room, which means more miles each leg of your journey.
Set screen time limits
If you are hopeful that this road trip will bring your family closer, make sure everyone on board knows “The Rules” well in advance is fundamental in keeping arguments at bay. Talking it out and agreeing on a ratio of driving hours with and without screen time will keep everyone’s expectations in check.
Play games
I spy games are a “gas” when on the road. Simple games like starting with the letter A finding a word on any sign, working your way through the alphabet. First one to get to Z wins! How about I spy? Custom license plate hunting, all of these little games can become a great bonding experience when spending hours on the road in the car together.
Just say yes
Making “Yes” your go-to word when a question is asked can make a trip more memorable. Allowing room for different snacks, rest areas, and mini detours on your drive often turns an average road trip into a memorable experience.
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