Best Ways to Make Your Car Smell Fresh


In the warmer months, smells inside the car can be even stronger than they normally are. While that’s wonderful if your car is filled with your favorite kind of fruit, it’s not so wonderful if your car has some other kind of smell. We’ll leave the details about bad smells to your imagination.

First, Clean Your Car

Here in the Campbell area, there are lots of car washes. Pick one and have the exterior washed and while you’re waiting and eating the free popcorn, plan your Clean Car Strategy. First, pick up all the magazines your kids threw in there, along with the old jelly beans they threw on the floor because they were the wrong color. Don’t forget to clean under the seats and way in the back, in case you have a “mystery odor.”

Wipe Everything Down

Using a soft cloth, wipe down all the surfaces, including the dash, the seats, and the steering wheel. You’ll want to use a mild detergent for surfaces, glass cleaner for glass, and leather cleaner for leather. In other words, use common sense and don’t dump a bunch of harsh detergents in there like one of our clients did. We’re not mentioning any names here. 


Take out the rugs and put them someplace clean. You’ve just loosened a bunch of dirt and dust, so vacuum everything with the brush attachment. If you’re still at the carwash, most of them have an industrial-strength vacuum you can use. If you’re at home, use the brush attachment to vacuum the upholstery and rugs. Vacuum the rugs you took out of the car, too. 

Baking Soda or Deodorizer

Sprinkle a little baking soda or deodorizer on the rugs in your car and your entire car will smell better. This works great in your refrigerator, too, by the way! Let the baking soda or deodorizer sit for a few minutes (follow the directions on the box), and then vacuum that up, too. 

Recheck for Odors

Once you’ve taken these basic steps, do the sniff test inside the car. If the car’s interior still smells, we recommend taking the car to a detailer. You may need to have some steam cleaning or detailing done. 

For other issues with your vehicle, visit us so your vehicle is safe. While we won’t remove all the jelly beans, we can definitely give your engine and all the other parts of your car a good inspection. We’d love for you to schedule an appointment for service, contact us online.


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