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Why Should You Own A Diesel?

Until recently, most diesel vehicles in the United States were trucks, since the diesel engines are better equipped to haul large or heavy loads like tractors or construction vehicles. Now, the industry is starting to see an influx of passenger cars with diesel motors, and the team at Autotrend Auto Repair couldn’t be happier! Keep reading to find out just why you should own a diesel.   One of the most important reasons people choose to buy diesel vehicles is because of their improved fuel efficiency. A diesel frequently gets 30% more miles per gallon than the same car that’s powered by a gasoline engine. With larger vehicles like a truck or SUV, that difference in gas mileage will likely be lowered, though typically they still range about 20% better on fuel than gasoline-powered trucks or SUVs.   Another upside to buying a diesel vehicle is that they frequently require less maintenance than a gasoline-powered engine. Gas-powered engines have significantly more ig ... read more


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