Monthly Archives: March 2018

Getting Your Car Ready for Spring!

Spring weather is here (for the most part), and that means flowers, pollen, allergies, and Spring cleaning. It is no wonder that Spring pollen means dusty automotive air filters and sneezing drivers. To prevent full-throttle allergies while driving around town, do yourself a favor and prepare your vehicles for Spring. When you bring your vehicle to Autotrend Auto Repair, we will visually inspect your car and inform you of any issues we see. If your vehicle requires factory-recommended service or repair, we will explain the recommended service so you can make an educated decision. Some systems on your vehicle may require extra attention during the springtime, and these may include: All air filters in the engine and cabin Air conditioning Hoses and belts Tires Check Engine Light diagnostics Brake service and repair Oil change service Windshield wipers Headlights, turn signal lights, and interior lights Your vehicle will show us what it needs when you come in for service, and ... read more


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