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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Five Rules For Driving in Pandemic

Five Rules For Driving in Pandemic

Welcome to a new year! As the pandemic carries on into 2021, we’ve had to adjust the way we do everything to keep ourselves and our kids safe. There’s a lot to do every time we go out the door now! Here are some ground rules we should all follow when venturing forth in our cars Know your route. We’re at a stage where we have to consider where we’re headed as where we may potentially break down. So check your route on a navigation device for any detours or obstructions. Be aware of when traffic slows on your way there and back, to avoid high traffic periods.  Keep your calm. This is hard, especially with kids around. Sometimes the kids can get excited or loud during a trip. And sometimes outside events can affect our calm: rude drivers, sudden stops, conflicts. It’s important to stay calm and remember that the objective isn’t winning a race when we drive, it’s to get safely to your next destination. And remember, other people may be tryi ... read more


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