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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Why Buy a Hybrid?

Why Buy a Hybrid?

No matter your skill level, as a car owner, you should get comfortable making sure you can perform some simple car-care practices. Some things you may want to leave to the pros, but there is a bunch of simple vehicle maintenance that you can do easily on your own too!   Firstly, you should always get acquainted with your owner's manual. Every car has one, and it’s usually a thick little booklet that's stored in your glovebox. If you can't find it, don't worry; you can always find an online version! Give it a read, and then turn to your maintenance schedule section. This will tell you what kinds of maintenance is needed and when.    Next, you'll want to regularly check and change your car's oil and oil filter. Think of your engine as your vehicle's heart and its oil as its blood. It lubricates the rest of the engine, allowing its various parts to work together without grinding and causing damage over time. Old engine oil can cause just as ... read more


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