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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Protect Your Pets During the Dog Days of August

Protect Your Pets During the Dog Days of August

The auto mechanics at Autotrend Diagnostics in Campbell don’t just care about providing you with the best auto repair experience possible, we also care about keeping your pets safe during the dog days of August! Here are the top tips that will help you keep your furry besties happy, healthy, and safe. Keep your pets hydrated with cool fresh water both inside and out. If they go outside for even a few minutes, make sure they have some shade to help keep them cool and out of direct sunlight. Don’t over-exercise them or you! When it’s really hot, keep them indoors and save the exercise for early morning or early evening after it’s cooled down for the day. Watch for signs of heatstroke or overheating such as heavy panting, trouble breathing, high heart rate, increased respiration, drooling, weakness, apathy. The worst ones are collapse, seizures, throwing up, blood in their stools, elevated body temperature of more than 104.  If one of your sweet pets has ... read more


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