10 Great Ways to Organize Your Car

If this looks like your front seat, you can probably benefit from this post! Organizing your car can be a daunting task. You need to start somewhere and, the hardest part is simply getting started. Begin with cleaning out your car. Get rid of all the trash and put everything where it truly belongs, whether that's inside the house, the garage, or the garbage (maybe Goodwill too). Once you have accomplished this sometimes-overwhelming task, you are ready to begin organizing your car in a way that will keep it from every feeling so overwhelming again. Well, we can dream, can’t we?

Here's a list of some handy ideas to get you started:

  1. Shower caddies attached to the backseat windows to hold things like crayons and small toys. Make it easy for your kiddos to reach items that will keep them occupied on the road. 
  2. A shoe caddy. You can hang it over the car seat so that it hangs behind you. Great for putting sunscreen, pens, diapers, juice cups not far out of reach but still up off the floor of your car.
  3. Inexpensive popsicle molds can fit nicely into the console of your car and help you organize change, lotions, makeup, garage door opener, or other small items you want to keep close.
  4. A plastic cereal box container can be an excellent trash can for your car. It doesn’t take up much room, and it’s easy to dump when it gets full. You can usually find one at a dollar store.
  5. Zipper plastic bags can be extremely useful for keeping things neat and tidy. You can have one for first aid, snacks, activity bags, baby items, etc. Then if you want to keep things REALLY organized, you put these bags into a plastic tub and keep it in the very back of your car if not the backseat.
  7. A trunk organizer. There are some pretty nice ones out there under $25 on Amazon. The hardest part about this one is actually using it rather than letting it serve as decoration only. 
  8. If you are traveling with many people, a muffin tray inside a laundry basket can double as a large cup holder.
  9. Paper muffin tin liners are great for putting in the cupholder space in your consul. Makes it super easy for cleanup.
  10. Carabiners hanging from the headrest can serve as a helpful way for you to hang items like purses and umbrellas. You can find these up at most dollar stores too!
  11. Small bins from the dollar store (see how helpful your local dollar store is!) can be used to keep fast food organized in your car.

This should get you started to a little more sanity while spending so much time in your car. If you want more great ideas, type in the title of this blog into Google search, and you’ll find at least 100 more ways to organize your car!


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